Translation services

Dear visitors,
except translations of software I dedicate myself to commercial translations for a long time too. I translate texts from/into German language. If you need a translation ​​for private or business documents, presentations, web pages, instructions, manuals or other documents, feel free to contact me. I can make the translation for you or your company with good quality, in the agreed time and according to agreed price. By translating are used various professional tools for translators. This includes CAT software and software for subsequent checking of translation. This ensures high level of quality and consistency for the translation. Creating of the terminology database for each client is as a matter of course. Every translation is manually checked on multiple levels and aically checked after finishing. These checks increase the quality and accuracy of the translation further. I dedicate myself mainly to translations of:

If you have any interest in translation of your document and you can not classify your document, this is no problem. Please contact me and I will prepare the translation of your document, if it will be possible.

Non-processed translations

At this moment I can not make official certified translations (translation of official documents, contracts, legal documents).


Prices of the translations are determined individually and the price depends on difficulty of the text, on the scope of ordered services and desired delivery date for the translation. I can prepare a price offer for every translation, before start of translating. In such case will be the translation processed only after agreement from customer. Price is generally determined according to the number of standard pages (1 standard page = 1800 characters, including spaces). However, we can use a different type of price-setting if it will be needed, for example: according to the number of rows, sentences... For regular customers can be prices with discount applied, or they can have other benefits.

Delivery dates

Delivery date for the translation depends on several factors and therefore is the deadline for each translation agreed with the customer individually.


Warranty for translation is granted by usual conditions, according to law regulations. Provider of translation services is: Marián Hikaník, place of business: Papradno 182, 018 13, Slovak Republic. Identification number: 46156984, Tax ID: 1048830596. Registration: Trade register of the District Office in Považská Bystrica, Number of Trade register: 330-19007. (OŽP-A/2011/03191-2). Supervisory authority: Slovak Trade Inspection, address: Inšpektorát SOI pre Trenčiansky kraj, Hurbanova 59, 911 01 Trenčín, Slovenská republika.