Favourite sites

During the time in which I dedicate myself to the translations, I have found a lot of interesting and useful websites. I want that you know these websites. So I offer you direct links to these pages.

The websites where I published my translations:

Češtiny - here you will find a large database of Czech and Slovak translations for various programs.


Websites of various interesting projects:

CraftcomThis page contains shorter and more detailed informations and instructions to using of programs BartPE and ReatogoXPE. Among other things, you will find here couple of useful tips and tricks for Windows, articles about Windows XP Embedded and many other informations.

E-knihy This website made Ing. Pavel Kříž. He wrote an interesting publication about Windows XP Embedded. You can help this author by his useful activities. Please visit his website.

Zdraví - This website is dedicated to the alternative medicine. If you are interested in other than traditional therapies for various diseases, this site can be just for you a valuable source of informations.

Jak psát web This website gives you very useful informations about HTML. Just from this webpage I got first informations about HTML. This website was very helpful for me by creating of my website. - Website with regular offers to free downloading of paid software. Authors of this website provide to you daily a possibility to download some full version of commercial/paid program and of course you do not have to pay for it. The programs are packed and published with a special installer and you must activate the program during the specified period of time. Using of these programs from website is of course completely legal (without regard to price of the program), you have only to follow and fulfil conditions of specified license. You can see the conditions when you install the program.