Informations about cookies and data protection

On these websites are used cookies - small text files that are stored on your computer or device when you visit websites. These files are essential and used only for the proper functioning of the sites - they can be identified accordint to string "CMSSESSID" in their name. Cookies are created by content management system of User is informed about using of cookies at the bottom section of each web page (in the form of link to this page). The cookies, data contained in cookies and no other data obtained during your visit on this website (such as IP address) are not made publicly available by author of this website, they are not used for advertising purposes in any form or shared with social networks or other similar processors. Data is recorded only in the technically necessary extent for the functioning of this website and is not further targeted processed or archived for a long time by author of this website. If you have any further questions about cookies or other data (obtained during your visit on this website), please contact me by e-mail.


How to reject or delete existing cookies?

You can adjust using and storing of cookies also in your browser. Most of browsers automatically accepts and stores cookies, if you do not change the default settings. In the settings of browser you can completely or partially reject cookies. For informations about how to set up commonly used browsers und processing of cookies, please visit sites of browser Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or you can check Help for your internet browser.